What is the contract address?

BYOF Factory

Proxy - 0x4d1B9C73A9bA07FB69cE9e295652A5dB4106eB21

Implementation - 0x8a83c31b4b999c226daf9b40c98fe59597deccda

Strategy Dummy Contract

Dual/Ecosystem Farms Dummy Contract - 0x4b9fdbf15a9ca675d0ed48d928b8e34fd9df0f3e

Popular Farms Dummy Contract - 0xcc0322c70ffcf6678c98632f1391c2fe3c6656fc

Launch Farms Dummy Contract - 0x780e6f77bfAC8d7ea92357F100D4Ae31fbB8Bea4

Has the contract code been audited?

Yes, the contracts have been audited by Hacken, and the audit report can be found here.

On which chain is the BYOF functionality currently live?

Currently, the BYOF feature is only live on Polygon. We plan to extend this feature to other chains as well.

Can only whitelisted users create farms?

Currently, yes. Since the functionality is currently in its Beta phase, we are only allowing whitelisted addresses to create farms. However, in the spirit of being truly permissionless, we will remove this constraint in the next few weeks. The farms created by non-whitelisted users would appear under a new label called ‘Community Farms’.

How long does it take for an address to be whitelisted?

You can expect your address to be whitelisted in 2-4 business days.

Can I renew the farms created using BYOF?

Yes, as a farm creator, you will also have the option to renew your farms with the same or a different reward structure. However, this is only possible with Dual and Ecosystem farms. For Popular farms, you will need to deploy a new farm altogether.

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