Current Status

Dfyn’s DEX and AMM

The current version of the dfyn exchange ( is a turbo-charged Uniswap, offering free, superfast and gasless transactions, through the integration of meta-transactions. The current iteration allows bridging of liquidity from Ethereum to Polygon’s Layer 2 implementation.

Router’s Cross-chain Liquidity Protocol (XCLP)

The testnet version of Router’s XCLP is live at The testnet currently allows users to swap stablecoin assets between the testnets of Ethereum (Kovan), Matic/Polygon, BSC, and Huobi chains.

Dfyn’s Farming Projects

In association with 10 different Defi projects, and Router protocol have launched an instant and gasless farming ecosystem named Galaxy Farm. Since its launch in February 2021, the project has witnessed prodigious success. In particular, the second iteration of Galaxy Farm, launched in early April 2021, has recorded a substantial increase in the number of transactions on the network as well as the number of token holders taking part in the farm. As per the early estimates, the exciting multi-farming project hosted on has allowed users to save over a $1 million in Ethereum transaction fees within a week of its launch. The immense love shown by the DeFi community for this project is a testament to the power of L2 solutions in the DeFi space, when applied diligently.