Blockchain Agnostic

Dfyn is looking to build a blockchain agnostic ecosystem that works perfectly well with all the underlying blockchain technologies. What this essentially means is that the users can use Dfyn's DEX in coalition with any blockchain network of their choice. Dfyn will also host a node-runner platform where blockchain evangelists will be able to run their own Dfyn node on the blockchain to earn passive income from fees collection.


Using Dfyn will be completely transparent. Users will be able to see what goes on “under the hood” every time they interact with the protocol. Furthermore, the Dfyn’s smart contracts and the code base will eventually be made completely open source.

Ultra Fast

By using Layer 2 blockchains like Matic (now Polygon) and xDAI on top of Layer 1 blockchains, Dfyn ensures that your transactions are carried out instantly.

High Liquidity

By bridging multiple Layer 1 and Layer 2 blockchains, Dfyn ensures high liquidity in its ecosystem. In case a particular blockchain network has low reserves of an asset , Dfyn will still ensure that asset’s liquidity for users on that blockchain by securing the desired asset from any one of the several Dfyn nodes deployed on other blockchains.

Better User Experience

By enabling zero gas transactions and smart order routing, Dfyn will ensure a much better user experience in comparison to current Layer 1 DEXs. The transaction costs will be a small fraction of the costs in the Ethereum network and the transactions will be at least 10 times faster.
Last modified 6mo ago