Intro to the vDfyn Vault

All swaps on the Dfyn exchange incur fees of 0.3% — out of which 0.25% goes to the liquidity providers, and 0.05% goes to the Dfyn DAO. The idea with the vDfyn vault is to redistribute the 0.05% to the community members who wish to stake their Dfyn tokens.

How does the vDfyn vault work?

By staking Dfyn tokens in the vDfyn vault, users will be able to mint vDfyn tokens. The vDfyn token will automatically earn users a share of protocol fees. 0.05% of the swap amount will be allocated to vDfyn holders and distributed proportionally between vDfyn holders. Because we are talking single-asset staking here, there will be no impermanent loss involved for those staking Dfyn tokens to mint vDfyn tokens.

What are the revenue streams for the vDfyn vault?

vDfyn holders will be entitled to get all of the fees earned by the — including the fees from swaps and the prediction markets and other products on the Dfyn roadmap. This means that the more users use the and the more fees are accumulated, the more vDfyn will appreciate.

The vDfyn vault is live. Please use for staking Dfyn and start earning your share of protocol fees today!

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