Placing a Limit Order on Dfyn Exchange

Dfyn has recently integrated limit orders on its platform. In this guide, I will show you how exactly you can place limit orders on Dfyn Exchange.

Step 1) Go to

Make sure you are connected to your Polygon wallet before proceeding with the following steps.

Step 2) Toggle to the "Limit" section. You will be shown the following screen:

Step 3) Let's suppose you want to sell MATIC at a particular rate (i.e. swap MATIC for USDT). Enter the amount of MATIC tokens you want to swap and the price at which you want to swap them. Alternatively, you can also mention the amount of USDT tokens you want to receive corresponding to all the MATIC tokens being swapped (this will automatically show the price against each MATIC token).

Step 4) After reviewing the details, click on "Place Limit Order."

Step 5) Dfyn will ask you to review the details one more time. After doing so, click on "Confirm Limit Order."

Step 6) Sign the transaction from your wallet.

After the transaction is mined, your limit order will be placed successfully. You can also view your active orders from the "Open" section under the limit order swapping engine.

The order will be filled once the tokenA/tokenB price (in this case MATIC/USDT price) on Dfyn Exchange matches your desired price.

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