December 2021

  • Cross-chain credit markets infra/tools to enable seamless cross collateralization and borrowing across chains
  • Integration with Router Aggregator to enable smart-order routing
  • Extension of Dfyn to non-EVM chains

October 2021

  • Launch of a new UI with a dedicated dashboard for managing yield mining activities
  • More prediction markets for crypto and non-crypto categories

September 2021

  • Dfyn node on Arbitrum
  • vDfyn vaults

July 2021

  • Launch of Prediction Markets on Dfyn

June 2021

  • Dfyn token as collateral on platforms
  • Dfyn node on OKExChain
  • Single Asset staking/impermanent loss hedging;

May 2021

  • TVL reaches ~$250M within 7 days of TGE
  • Launch of Pre-staking and Popular Farms
  • TGE listing on UniSwap L1 / Dfyn L2

March 2021

  • GalaxyFarm crossed $2M in TVL in a day
  • AMM enhancements
  • L2 farm yielding 5 tokens for every liquidity pair

January 2021

  • Spacefarm one week farm sprint on L1 crossed $3 million TVL
  • Meta-transactions integrated
  • Zero gas costs for users

September 2020

  • Development starts
  • Launch beta AMM exchange on Polygon
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