Intro to BYOF

We are incredibly excited to announce the launch of first-of-a-kind feature on Polygon --> Build Your Own Farms (BYOF).

What is BYOF?

Build-your-own-farms (BYOF) allows users to create and deploy farms themselves. It can be thought of as a no-code farming-as-a-service.


  • Easy for partners to create farms.

  • A great platform for teams to promote their project by giving out rewards in the project’s native tokens.

  • No need to wait for a specific date to launch farms.

  • No need to deploy farms manually, farms will automatically be deployed from the time specified by the creator.

  • Free up our tech team’s bandwidth so they can focus on other development angles.

How does the BYOF functionality work?

Cloning mechanism

The factory contract will clone the dummy contract and create a new farm contract with the parameters provided by the farm deployer. We have dummy contracts for Launch, Popular, Dual/Ecosystem farms. Other strategies can also be added, we will just need to add a dummy contract for that strategy to the factory contract

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