How to Participate in Prediction Markets

To participate in Dfyn Exchange's prediction markets, visit this link.

Entering your Position for Next Round

Step 1) Before entering a round of the prediction market, you should check check how long is left in the current round.

If the timer is too low your prediction may not confirm in time, so check there's still plenty of time left before you make a prediction (30 seconds should be enough). In case your prediction is not confirmed on time, it will automatically be rolled over to the next round.

Step 2) Select Bull or Bear depending on whether you believe the price of MATIC will increase or decrease.

You can checkout the payout for each position before deciding which position to take. However, the payout might change before it actually goes live.

Step 3) Enter the amount of MATIC you want to enter and click on Place Bet.

Step 4) Confirm the transaction on MetaMask.

During times of network congestion, the transactions might go through very slowly which might cause your position to be rolled over to next round. To avoid that, participants are advised to manually increase the gas price.

Congratulations! You have successfully entered your position in the prediction markets.

Checking Entered Position

Once the transaction is successfully confirmed, you will be shown your entered side (either Bull or Bear).

However, to view how much amount you have staked, you can do either one of the following two things:

Option 1 - Hover over the tick mark on the card.

Option 2 - Click on the human shaped icon on the top right and you can see your entered position by expanding the top row.

Claiming your Winnings

Step 1) Click on the human shaped icon on the top-right.

Step 2) If you won the round, you will be shown a "Collect" button. Click on that button to collect your winnings.

Step 3) Confirm the transaction on MetaMask to receive your winnings.

Viewing your Profits and Losses

To view your profits and losses, go to "PNL" tab of the history. Here you can get detailed statistics in regards to your performance in the prediction markets including how many rounds you have won/lost, your net profit/loss, your avg. return per round and much more.

Claiming Unclaimed Winnings

It might be possible that you forgot to claim your winnings from previous rounds. No worries, you can still claim your winnings later. To do that, you can click on the "Uncollected" tab. You will be shown all the rounds in which your winnings have been unclaimed.

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