Frequently Asked Questions

1. How is Dfyn different from other DEXes?

Currently, most DEXes like Uniswap & Sushiswap on Ethereum, Pancakeswap and Bakeryswap on BSC, allow users to trade assets only on a single chain. However, users of the Dfyn exchange will be able to perform asset exchanges atop multiple blockchains. Additionally, Dfyn will evolve into a cross-chain DEX in the coming future where users will be able to trade on any blockchain network, say Ethereum from any other blockchain network, say Hecochain. For example, a user with 2000$ on his Hecochain wallet will be able to buy 1 Ether on Ethereum using Dfyn.

2. Compared to 1inch, what advantages does dfyn have?

Existing DEX aggregators like 1inch and for that matter, Matcha, currently operate only on specific chains (1inch on BSC, Polygon and Ethereum, Matcha on Ethereum). Unlike them, Dfyn will act as a truly multi chain DEX, with Dfyn nodes spread across multiple Layer 1 and Layer 2 blockchains. Also, the current crop of DEX aggregators is focused on Layer 1 and the experience is highly unsatisfactory. We also have an advantage in this regards. Dfyn will aggregate liquidity from DEXes across multiple L2 chains. This will allow us to use the scalability and low gas features of Layer 2 blockchains.

3. Who keeps the custody of assets while trading?

Our completely audited smart contracts and your cryptocurrency wallet will maintain the custody of crypto assets. The chain of custody is always transparent and traceable.

4. When can I expect Dfyn to go live?

Dfyn exchange on top of Polygon (previously Matic) and OKExChain is already live at Our team is constantly working to build Dfyn nodes on other chains. We plan to go live on BSC, Polka and Avalanche by August 2021.

5. Is Dfyn open source?

Most of the Dfyn code base has been made open source at There are a few things that are still in development and will be made open source soon.

6. How can I reach the Dfyn team?

You can contact us via email at: You can also join our telegram channel or follow us on twitter here.

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